Thursday, April 26, 2012

We're back and excited to share some rare treasures, great gifts and must-haves for the home!

You've heard the old saying, "Worry less and Giggle more!" Well, actually I just made it up, but it's good advice! We've been giggling for sure AND worrying that our business might easily become a secret if we don't let you in on the fun! In and around Whitney's life with 3 young children and a new puppy(!), we do keep creating and it's time to bring these items to you, available for purchase. They are made on a whim and offered with love! Browse what we have. It's always changing. Along with our cards and invitations, just call or email us if something strikes your fancy. It's personal shopping, and the giggles are free! Absolutely love this designer fabric-covered lamp shade! Truly a great accent fabric to any room, for any style and with any colors. $37
...and this professionally re-covered otoman to go with it. Great storage for DVD's, kids toys..etc. A classy, functional, comfterable focal point! WE LOVE THIS PIECE! $575
Some of our most fun finds to date! These woven lanterns can hang from your favorite tree to cozy up your patio, serve as an increadible centerpiece for a table or welcome guests on your front porch! We were so happy to find these and are excited to share them with you! (each comes with the fitted clear glass insert to hold candle) Large Lanters: $59 Small Lanterns: $49
Woven Branch White Lantern: SOLD
Pink Rose and Burlap: $25
Grey flannel wrapped wreath. Simple and classy: $68
The Perfect Spring wreath. Rust Robin & Golden Egg linen-wrapped wreath. Tastful, beautiful, elegant. $59
White Lenin Flower, Green Bird, burlap wrapped...favorite!!!! $$39
Sunshine wreath with turquoise and orange: $29
Rope wreath with designer fabric flowers: $$42
The "what more could you ask for" wreath: $49 SOLD
Hand-made stained coffee filter wreath: $53
Hand-stained rose coffee filter wreath. Come on people!! This is increadible! Aleady sold one. Don't let this one pass you by. A treasure made over many attentive hours! $75
Hand painted base and hand stitched shade: $79 Hand painted base and hand painted shade: $79
Yellow Iron Chair: $37

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Desk

One of my sweet sister-in-laws, best friends, Aunt to our kiddos, precious wife to my brother, John, sweetest mom to Annie and Max and just an all-round favorite of mine is the proud new owner of one of w.e. giggle's latest "Loved Back to Life" pieces. It looks so happy in her beautiful, warm home. Here's a picture she sent us along with a little word on how she feels about her new desk:

Who knew a desk intended for to- do list making, bill writing, and just good ole working could be such a happy place that begs you to come and sit!?!?! You "giggle girls" did it again! I have a whole corner of my house that DAILY makes me smile just looking at it...and how appropriate coming from the ones that create the card that greet you with a smile. I had searched for a desk for quite sometime with no luck, but it was love at first sight with this one of a kind piece that you loved back to life with your creative genius, talent and passion....and every bit of that shows in each of your pieces! This desk will be in our family for years to come, sharing its magic to make work feel fun!!...(and about those to-do lists, your notepads make those more fun to make too!) Beyond a workspace, my desk has become an escape, the perfect place to sit, Bible open each morning, SMILING! Thank you wegiggle!!!!!
Grateful, giggling and giddy,
Here's a peak into our last few sales. Our LAST TWO FOR THE YEAR are THIS WEEK and we'd love for you to come! Not pictured, but included in the sales this week are even more GREAT IN-EXPENSIVE gift ideas for friends and teachers! Come see for yourself and bring a friend!


Let us know if you have any questions and we'll see you soon!!

These wreaths turned out SO BEAUTIFUL, so classy and would be such a focal point for any front door or quaint little cozy nook on your wall! Hand-made with love and great attention to detail...some of my personal favorites!

My friend, Lauren gave us an old dresser she didn't want anymore, so we spruced it up, gave it several loving layers of paint, wax and a little "purposeful scruffing up" and vuala! Good as new! WE LOVE IT...and it sold on it's first display!

Look how cute the dresser looks in it's new room! LOVE IT!!